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A few more stores will be added to FootHill Square Shopping Center. On the horizon are several new stores: Ross Dress4Less, Foods Co (the Ralph’s/Kroger grocery chain), Anna’s Linens and Subway Restaurant. Initially, I knew about Ross and Subway. Foods Co is a wonderful addition to the FootHill Square redevelopment model. There is ample parking and the mall is easily accessible from I-580 freeway.

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Driving past Foothill Square has been heart breaking FootHill Square has been a commercial ghost town for a number of years. Albertson’s closed and that eliminated a large grocery chain for many residents in the hills and the San Leandro border. After losing Albertson’s, Walgreens closed its doors. Pizza Hut and Churches Chicken followed suit and closed their retail locations.

Many of the current stores are scattered in the shopping mall have moved to one side to start the construction of Ross Dress For Less. Ross Dress For Less is speculated for the end of summer 2012.

Home values should increase with the addition of new stores attracting more revenue and positive interest in the community. I’m also looking forward to increased job growth in Oakland. Let’s patronize these new stores in FootHill Square and bring revenue back to Oakland. Foothill Square is located at 10700 Foothill Oakland, CA 94605.

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East Oakland welcomes a new CVS Pharmacy at the Eastmont Mall. This is a welcome change to this area. After speaking with the manager, Sunny, he said the scheduled grand opening is Sunday, April 5, 2012. I spoke with local area resident and she’s extremely excited about the new pharmacy. For many living in East Oakland, including myself, it’s difficult to find commercial, big box type stores in close proximity. The nearest CVS is on East 14th St in San Leandro.

This CVS is large with ample parking and a drive-thru pharmacy.

I would love to see a rejuvenation of Eastmont Mall, similar to Bay Fair Mall in San Leandro. Bay Fair has great big box stores like Staples, Kohl’s, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and several restaurants. A few great restaurants, an Office Depot, and a K-mart or Target would bring monetary benefits to East Oakland.

My pet peeve is the lack of grocery chains in East Oakland. Over the years, we have lost Lucky and Safeway. Where is WinCo, Foods Co, Food4Less, or the new Maxx Foods in Macarthur and 39th Ave? I’m thankful to Gazzali’s Market for stepping up to the plate to give local residents somewhere to buy groceries.

Currently, Eastmont Mall has two clothing stores, a gas station, Subway, Taco Bell, Burger King, Sheik (shoe store) , Bank of America, East Oakland Branch Public Library, Gazzali’s Market, DD’s, McDonald’s, Auto Parts and a few other small stores and county offices.

Let’s patronize East Oakland’s CVS Pharmacy at 7200 Bancroft Ave.

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Historically, harvest time meant reaping ripe crops and celebrating. After the harvest, it was time to plan crops for next year. In essence, plan what needs to be planted next year to make your desired income. This strategy works without a physical crop to harvest.

What are your financial plans for next year? With all the talk of economic downturn and Occupy (Insert City Here) protests, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I just came back from the Lone Star State, Texas, on sabbatical from my day-to-day life. (Yes, I missed all of you.) There was time enough to think about where I needed to be financially. My goals and current reality are not on the same page. How about you?

In most areas, pricing in the real estate market is at an all time low. Interest rates are super low across the board. Now is the time to figure who you desire to be in your financial life. If you want to own property, be proactive and save up, fix your credit to get a loan, and live your dream. Many are in a financial mess from no work, furloughs (forced time off from your employer), or debt piled to the ceiling. Bad times don’t last always. Write your vision down. Figure out what it takes to get there and move toward your vision.

I know some of you could have made better financial decisions; I know I could have. No better time than the present. Set your sites on better times ahead. The planning may take a while and that’s okay. Don’t be discouraged. Keep pressing forward toward your vision.

If you’re at risk of losing your home and loan modification is not an option, call me to start a short sale. This is a good step toward removing a problem situation and planning for future harvest.
• Vision
• Research
• Plan
• Start

If you or someone you know needs to buy or sell a home call me today. Talk to you soon. Leona Greenlow-Turner.

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To paraphrase Margo Channing (“All About Eve”): Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
Where is all of this going? Not just job cuts from HSBC but also Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. Where does this leave our stock portfolios and retirement? We really need to watch our pennies and save a little more. I have said it repeatedly, no economic recovery without jobs. Cutting executive salaries will only put a bandage on a broken arm. America needs jobs. Someone out there has a solution, will the real “answer-person” (not the weekly talking head) please stand up.

As a Realtor, I know my market niche is pretty secure for the next 5 years or so. That’s a good thing for my bank account but at what cost? My next blog topic will discuss the National Association of Realtors (NAR) aggressive push to cut the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction.
HSBC is the latest bank to announce job cuts amid regulatory uncertainty and global economic weakness. Credit Suisse said last week that it planned to eliminate 2,000 positions, or 4 percent of its jobs. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are also reducing their head counts.
Read full article in New York Times: http://nyti.ms/onz6Em
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There’s a $300-million redevelopment project coming to Jack London Square on Oakland’s Embarcadero fun for all. If I were a buyer, I would try to get a condo surrounding this area: more shops, restaurants, state of the art movie theatre, and jobs, jobs, jobs. I remember when Jack London was the cool place to go. There was an AppleBees, TGI Fridays, Tony Romas, Ben and Jerry’s, and my favorite, Barnes and Noble. The project (also referred to as Jack London Square Phase II) is a private-public collaboration among Jack London Square Partners, the Port of Oakland and the City of Oakland.

Some of the new changes include:

  • A daily fresh market of fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, pasta, cheeses and baked goods
  • Waterfront restaurants and quick cafés
  • A professional cooking school
  • A chef’s hall of fame
  • Specialty retail shops
  • An exposition of California food and wine companies and producers, and agricultural products

Part of a Larger Redevelopment Project

The California Harvest Hall is just one of a series of improvements planned for Jack London Square. Other projects envisioned include a conference center hotel and spa; restoration of the building at 66 Franklin to its original 1926 façade and construction of a new office building; a state-of-the-art movie theatre complex, additional destination restaurants and parking facilities. The project also will continue and expand the Bay Trail through the square.

Hey Oakland, I would like to see more than just a new Ross Store in East Oakland. Just a thought.

Read the full article: http://bit.ly/og5bXx

Talk to you soon. Leona Greenlow-Turner

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As long as I have lived in the bay, there have been Bay Meadows and Golden Gate Fields Racetracks. I have never gone to either location but if I ever wanted to they were available. Bay Meadows Race Track was torn down about 3 years ago; now on the chopping block is Golden Gate Fields. From what I’ve heard, the racing will be moved to the Alameda County Fairgrounds. Does anyone have a confirmation on this? It’s such a shame to get rid of Golden Gate Fields.


See Article below:

Golden Gate Fields: The Canadian owner of the 140-acre horse track, MI Development, has been trying to develop land adjacent to the track for years. The company will offer the land, which straddles Berkeley and Albany, to Lawrence Berkeley Lab. If the lab selects the site for its short-list, the company will consider tearing down the racetrack and moving horseracing related jobs to another northern California site, according to Dennis Mills, vice-chairman of MI Development.

Read the rest of the article: http://bit.ly/qpWQNg

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I am a BIG Blackberry user and I have reluctantly avoided the move to Android as of late. I loved Blackberry for the email. I’m not much of a game player. My online presence is very Google-centric. My stock in RIM has plummeted. My children love playing with the iPad (no I don’t own one). If you switched to an Android smart phone from Blackberry, why did you make the change? If Blackberry makes significant changes to its operating system, would you change back to Blackberry?

The company that makes Blackberry phones has announced it is cutting 10% of its workforce as it loses market share to iPhones and Android devices.

Research In Motion Ltd (RIM) plans to lay off 2,000 employees as part of cost cutting measures. The company will notify affected employees this week.

Although BlackBerrys have dominated the corporate smartphone market, their popularity with consumers has been short-lived and RIM’s market share has dropped. US consumers have moved on to phones with big touchscreens like Apple iPhone and models that run Google Inc.’s Android operating system. Last week, Apple revealed it had sold a record 20.3 million iPhones from April to June. RIM sold 13.2 million Blackberrys in the March to May period.

Its recently-launched PlayBook has also failed to be the success the firm had hoped and phone companies have shown little interest in promoting it.

RIM’s US shares fell 4.4%, to US$26.67 after the job cuts were announced on Monday.

RIM also said it was naming two executives to take on different parts of the chief operating officer role (COO) after Don Morrison announced his retirement following more than a decade with the company. Thorsten Heins has been named chief operating officer for product and sales while Jim Rowan will become COO of operations.

Article from Skynews.com http://bit.ly/o4uKSl )

Talk to you soon. Leona Greenlow-Turner

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