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Sorry I have been so long in posting but I’ve changed and changed again trying to find my greater purpose. Since my last post, back in 2012, I started Funding Wealth Capital, LLC with my partner Al Davis. We are assisting an Oakland non-profit to open a local bingo hall. Through a year’s worth of research we found bingo generates a robust income. Another fact is 70% of income after expenses has to go to other non-profits. I’ve been combing the web for good, stable, local non-profits that help the community. I’m sure you all know of some so make sure to comment.
leonaFunding Wealth Capital is assisting with fundraising to open the bingo hall through a series of investor workshops. I must say this is going very well. I’m learning a lot about fundraising and all of the legality behind being a blessing. Schools and students can profit from this giving. And little do the bingo patrons know, they are changing their community every time they play.
We’re also raising money on Indiegogo: Help Oakland Public Schools Through Bingo (click the link)
The targets of the charities are primarily Oakland Public Schools and college scholarships. Its funny, years ago I had a small business helping students to find money for college. Fast forward 20+ years and I’m doing the same thing.
Check us out at:
Facebook: Bingo in Oakland

Talk to you soon,
Leona Greenlow-Turner (510) 717-0094


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The deadline has passed to enroll your child in some of Oakland’s top elementary schools. This blog will discuss top public elementary schools; no charters schools were included in this list. Charter schools will be discussed in a future blog.

Here are the current rankings of Top Oakland Elementary Schools:

School Name Location

API Score


Montclair 1757 Mountain Blvd.

Oakland, CA 94611



Hillcrest 30 Marguerite Dr.

Oakland, CA 94618



Thornhill 5880 Thornhill Dr.

Oakland, CA 94611



Lincoln 225 11th St.

Oakland, CA 94607



Anthony Chabot 6686 Chabot Rd.

Oakland, CA 94618



Crocker Highlands 525 Midcrest Rd.

Oakland, CA 94610



Redwood Heights 4401 39th Ave.

Oakland, CA 94619



Cleveland 745 Cleveland St.

Oakland, CA 94606



Peralta 460 63rd St.

Oakland, CA 94609



Joaquin Miller 5525 Ascot Dr.

Oakland, CA 94611



Rankings from www.GreatSchools.com 2012

Sellers, remember if your home is near one of these top elementary schools, you’re in a great position to put your home on the market now. Families are looking during the summer months and may be willing to pay over asking for these desired areas. Contact me for a free market analysis of your home, (510) 712-6537.

If your school is not on this list and you love the school FIGHT FOR YOUR SCHOOL. Join the PTA. Get involved with everything going on at the school. Don’t be a wallflower waiting for others to take action. Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Looking to buy near these schools?  Contact me.

Note: To parents of new kindergartners, now is a good time to make sure your child knows the basics:

  • Say the alphabet
  • Count to 20
  • Identify their colors
  • Spell their name
  • Sit quietly for increasing periods of time

Read to your babies every single day.

Talk to you soon. Leona Greenlow-Turner (510) 712-6537 Leona@LeonaTurner.com

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Bay Area Real Estate Today: Jr. Giants T-Ball Program 

My children, ages 7 (girl) and 5 (boy), are participating in the Jr. Giants T-Ball Program. When I suggested t-ball to my kids they were not enthusiastic. After the first day, they were excited to get to practice. I was truly overwhelmed by the level of support and encouragement Coach Alex, Coach Brian, and supporting coaches have given to the kids. There are a few small children, ages 3 and 4 and they are having fun too. Encouragement kept the kids engaged and desiring to do well.

On the first day, the kids learned to catch, field, hit, and run bases. Since the first day, they have learned the fundamentals of baseball and can play a mock game. They practice Monday through Thursday from 10 am – 12 pm for six weeks. The program provides free shirts and hats. This is definitely a great 6 week program I will be looking for next summer. And it’s free! 

Talk to you soon. Leona Greenlow-Turner

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