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Sorry I have been so long in posting but I’ve changed and changed again trying to find my greater purpose. Since my last post, back in 2012, I started Funding Wealth Capital, LLC with my partner Al Davis. We are assisting an Oakland non-profit to open a local bingo hall. Through a year’s worth of research we found bingo generates a robust income. Another fact is 70% of income after expenses has to go to other non-profits. I’ve been combing the web for good, stable, local non-profits that help the community. I’m sure you all know of some so make sure to comment.
leonaFunding Wealth Capital is assisting with fundraising to open the bingo hall through a series of investor workshops. I must say this is going very well. I’m learning a lot about fundraising and all of the legality behind being a blessing. Schools and students can profit from this giving. And little do the bingo patrons know, they are changing their community every time they play.
We’re also raising money on Indiegogo: Help Oakland Public Schools Through Bingo (click the link)
The targets of the charities are primarily Oakland Public Schools and college scholarships. Its funny, years ago I had a small business helping students to find money for college. Fast forward 20+ years and I’m doing the same thing.
Check us out at:
Facebook: Bingo in Oakland

Talk to you soon,
Leona Greenlow-Turner (510) 717-0094


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There is a great tennis program at Mosswood Park, sponsored by the Oakland Parks and Recreation. I am giving a shout out to Director/Coach Iesha Stewart for her great direction. My daughter, age 7, had no idea how to play tennis. On the first day she was given extra instruction and loving care. We can actually play for a short rally together after 3 weeks. It is a family program and the kids are treated as such.

It would be nice to see the Mosswood Park tennis court get a little maintenance but all-in-all the kids are enjoying themselves. There is an over growth of grass around the entry to the courts. And the dog run behind the court allows large dogs to kick dirt on the court.

I would encourage parents to enroll their children in the tennis program for the low fee of $24.95. Little did I know the kids can extend their training into the 2011-2012 school terms.

More about the program www.youthtennis.org:

The genesis of Youth Tennis Advantage (YTA) is directly linked to tennis great Arthur Ashe’s vison of using tennis as a vehicle to profoundly enrich the lives of children with meager socioeconomic resources and opportunities. Although Ashe has passed on, his legacy and vision is vibrantly evident through YTA’s comprehensive after school programs comprised of three main areas of focus: Tennis, Academic Enrichment and Life Skills.  These focus areas utilize a variety of complementary components that make for a rich and rewarding after school program designed to help children and teens excel, thrive, and feel a sense of self worth and pride.  Every YTA site is unique and each offers a different menu of programs based on the needs of the community, the families that are served and the resources that are currently available.

 Talk to you soon. Leona Greenlow-Turner

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